State of the Union - June 2016 - Featuring Hada Pixie

So the last time I did one of these posts it was back in September of last year. Upon reviewing it I realized that a lot has changed since then. Figured it was about time to go back and catch everyone up on the last few months and give a temperature check on where things are at.

Also, it gives me a good opportunity to share a few photos that I have been sitting on for a couple of weeks now. But first, the update. 

Back in January, I moved out of my old apartment, leaving it and my studio space behind. It's been a bit of a challenge trying to find places to work. But due to some help and inspiration from a few different books, I am making things happen. Earlier in the year, I also linked up with a new business partner, who is slowly but surely working her way into the UNEX ecosystem. Soon I hope she will completely take over my booking process and begin writing and contributing her own work here to the Blog. We are making great process to moving onto bigger and better things. 

2016 so far has been a busy one. I'm not shooting as much as I was last year with the 52 rolls project, but what I am doing has kept me very busy. Between the day job and my efforts here I am averaging 60+ hour weeks, and as of the time of writing this update I am going on day 50-something with only having had 3.5 "days off" in that time. But don't take this as complaining. I'm very excited for what is to come. 

So what have I been working on lately? I tend to have a pretty good track record with keeping everyone in the loop as shoots happen. My friends over at Finite Automata and Ecto Proxy have kept me busy covering concerts, and of course, some of my old favorite models have stepped up and provided me with enough work to keep more than busy. But now I'd like to announce a few shoots that have kinda flown under the radar:

Right now Hada Pixie and I have three photo sets currently active over on Zivity (shameless plug, I always have 30 day free trials available, so email me to get one for yourself) one of which, "Stay Golden" was rated as an Editor's Choice!

Of course, I'm not going to spoil any of our photos from the sets in the blog here (Ahem, did I mention I'm giving away free 30 day trials?), but I'm happy to share a few of my selects that didn't "make the cut".

You may remember the photo below if you follow me on social media.

This was an image that didn't make the cut for our set "In the Sink" and below is a photo from "Stay Golden" that I talked about above.

Look at that golden sunlight? Pretty awesome right? I am kinda happy to admit that this shot was taken at like 4:00 in the afternoon, with sunset nowhere in sight. I've been growing so much in between shoots. Fully committing to my 2016 goal of "Learn More".


Pixie and I still have a few shoots we are holding in reserve, but I am able to give another sneak peek. During the same shooting day, we decided to document some custom latex work from Queen's Arrow Latex. These photos haven't yet been released into the wild, and more shall be forthcoming. Also, keep your eyes open for some more collaboration with Queen's Arrow coming soon (maybe? probably? call me!).. 

So that's it for now. As always thanks for checking in and keeping up on what I've been doing. If you want to book a shoot of your own make sure to drop me an email from my contact page and let's talk about making something happen!

2015: A Year in Review

So here we are, Another year in the books. And like every year I just want to take a few minutes and share with everyone my favorite 5 images I have taken this year. This list will probably have more than a few "runners up" as well. 

2015 was a year in which I decided to get back to the basics and start fresh. At the end of last year I was a little burned out with my lack of creativity, and my goal for this last year was simply to "shoot more" which I did in spades. See the 52 rolls blog for more information. My original goal was to not pick up a digital camera at all, which I failed, but instead of counting it as a failure...I'm going to instead call the work that came from a digital medium a huge success. Re-shooting on film has caused me to slow down (as I hoped it would) and I ended up with a few great shots!

So without further ado, and in no particular order. Here are my favorite 5 shots from 2015.

I met Bri through another model I worked with this year. After seeing what Morgan and I were able to create she jumped at the chance for us to work together. This shot was taken very quickly as the sun was going down. And the effect that the lighting had, combined with her posing worked out very well to create the image that I had in my mind. 

Hada Pixie is no stranger to this blog. After meeting her around 2011 while working with a lot of other talented photographers and models during "Beautiful Darkness" we have off and on worked together in many projects for Zivity. A trend that I hope continues on into the future. This was shot as a bonus to one of our Zivity sets, and in all honesty I liked it better than some of the other images that came out of that shoot. 

I shot like a madman at DragonCon this year. But most importantly I had the lovely chance to work with Atlanta's own "team tank" (which also were my gracious roommates during the long weekend). My third Con and probably my favorite so far. These folks provided me a lot of great opportunities to shoot, laugh, and enjoy myself to such an extreme level. 

Along with Team Tank, another one of my Con roommates was Nikki Nuke'm. Shortly after the release of Fallout 4 this year Nikki decided to let her inner vault dweller out into the world, and we captured this image among many. My only regret was not snapping a horizontal image of this one, but even the image I was able to capture I am in love with. 

My final official favorite image from the year comes from working with Finite Automata. They saw my work and wanted some new photos for their press kit. After taking time to decorate a basement into a working set, we were able to snap a few great photos, including this one which ended up being one of my favorites for the year. 

But of course I can't stop there, 2015 also brought on many great opportunities and even more wonderful people that I worked with. There are so many that I can't name or post from everyone here. But don't fret, I want to let everyone I shot this year know that I appreciate the time you spent with me, and I hope that we were able to create something awesome in the process!

"Titan Addams" was the first set I ever shot on a digital full frame camera (surprise I know). I loved how the tones came out, and that bokeh. Hope to see more come from Titan and I in 2016.

Stan, Justin, and Cody all helped me back to back while I was working the kinks out of my DIY black background. You can find more of that in an earlier Extra blog post.

Blix, Stevhan, and K all stepped up to the challenge when I needed to keep the 52 rolls project alive. Also a big thank you to Clockwork Calamity and Caprica Song. Clockwork and I did some great work for Zivity this year (hopefully more to come), and Caprica worked very hard for a spot in Poisonous Pinups magazine! So be sure to keep your eyes open for that very soon. 

I definitely can't forget Ilker and the rest of the team at REGen Magazine. Thank you for allowing me to cover a few great shows this year, and an even bigger thank you for publishing my photos in the mag. So happy to have been a part of your culture in 2015.

And finally, as much as I hate to end this year on a down note. I wanted to share a photo of my fluffy cat. Although she is no longer in my life, she was a big part of keeping me together in 2015. She may have only been in my life for about three years, but I miss her dearly. I'm happy to know she is in a better place and no longer in pain. <3

Sorry if I missed anyone. I've been trying to put this blog post together for the last month or so, but couldn't decide which images I wanted to show. Thank you again to everyone I worked with, and everyone I have yet to work with. Here's to 2016!

Week 26 – I Hope These Turn Out – Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 (+1 Stop) (Exhausted C41 Chemicals?)

Pixie from last week also introduced me to Clockwork Calamity (Zivity profile, still just as NSFW as last week). And we had a great shoot (albeit very bright and sun-hurty) where she was cosplaying as Black Canary (Set totally should be live on Zivity if you wanted to throw me a few votes ;) ). 

Seeing as how I have been having a hard time getting models to work with, I wanted to make sure I snatched up the opportunity to get some more people into the blog. The sad, and very unfortunate thing is I really should have taken my own thoughts to heart in "week 24" and bought new C41 chemicals. The negatives turned out SUPER thin (or at least look that way before scanning them). I'm not sure if I will get anything that remotely looks like the correct colors out of this roll.

As I'm prepping this blog post I am about to purchase more, so hopefully my Dragoncon photos (Spoiler Alert...they start NEXT WEEK!) will be processed much better. Also we are up to 41 rolls as of this update! 

(Ninja Edit: Yep. It was totally the chemicals. The DragonCon Color photos turned out great!)

Ninja edit: Excuse my language, but HOLY SHIT. I bashed on Photoshop for the longest time and seriously saw it as a crutch and not a tool. But after seeing what I was able to recover from these images I am seriously impressed. I bet someone much more skilled than I could have even done a better job. I mean, look at what came out of my scanner from these:

I guarantee you they look worse in "person". I'm willing to accept the loss in sharpness that I had to take in order to get rid of the scanning artifacts in order to rescue even a few of these images. Especially considering I was trying for a result more like this (taken on my digital camera):

Development Notes:
Unicolor C41 Kit - Probably exhausted

Week 25 – Hada Pixie: Flexible (BTS and Outtakes) – Ilford Delta 100

These images were taken at the same time a friend of mine, and professional model, Hada Pixie and I were working together this weekend. Pixie and I met at an arrange photo shoot event many years ago when I was still new to Atlanta. We exchanged contact information then, but it wasn't until almost 2 years later that we finally shot together for the first time.

Typically when Pixie and I work together it's for a website named Zivity where photographers and models work together to create photosets and ultimately make a little bit of money in the process. I'm not exactly sure when this set will go live (it very well may be by the time this hits the blogs) but be sure to check out some of the work we have done at zivity.com/photographers/UNEXPhotography Please note that anything past that link should be considered NSFW for naked parts. This blog entry on the other hand...should be completely fine. 

Development Notes:
Stand Developed 1:100 Dilution Rodinal
1 Hour, 30 Seconds of Agitation at start.
Standard Fix

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