Abby Div - 2019.

I’m honestly not sure how Abby found me. But I do know we have been trying to work together for at least a year now by my count. After several instances of being in the same place at the same time I’m happy that we finally made plans to work together.

Abby and I captured so many great images in our short time together, far too many to share all of them in this post. Maybe a little down the line after these have time to marinate a little bit more I’ll share a few more.

Until then, give these a look:

If you can’t get enough of Abby, or want to book her yourself, make sure you visit her website. And of course because I’m not ashamed to share projects I am fond of, you can also see Abby (and so many others) in Nikola Tamindzic’s book Fucking New York.

Adysen Alastor – 2016.

Adysen answered a call I put out on my Facebook page while booking for shoots. She had never been photographed professionally before but is in the process of setting up a new web-based project. 

We met up after she ended a day of work at her day job, and consequently only had about 30 minutes to shoot before we both lost light, and could possibly be arrested for trespassing in a city park. Even though we were fighting a losing battle against the sunset, I still think we were able to grab some interesting content for both of our portfolios. 

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