Zy_Gote - 2017.

Zy_Gote was brought to life by producer Stan Pavlov, fusing mixtures of different noise and industrial genres, molded together like Dr. Frankenstein constructed his infamous monster. Invoking dark atmospheres while unleashing distorted soundscapes aggressive beats and unsettling samples all at once upon the listener. 

Check out his debut album Potential for Destruction below. 

David and Evie - 2017.

These guys are just too cute.

David is a person whom I have known through my time here in Atlanta. He always makes an effort to reach out when we are at the same event, has loaned me his back yard for a photo shoot, and generally is one of the best people I have met during my tenure here. 

When he reached out to me asking if I would be interested in taking the photos for his engagement announcements, of course, I wanted to make it happen. And then when I found out we would be spending part of a Saturday at the Historic Atlanta Oakland Cemetary, you bet I was game to be there. 


Bonus IQ180 shot. Honestly, before I give my opinions on this system I really need to play with it some more. I was told before shooting with it that a Tripod would be almost required, and after shooting with it I can agree. I have found that when you hit focus, it hits hard and the photo is full of detail, but when you also misses very hard. 

Also it's a matter of understanding that what you see on the back of the camera, isn't exactly what you are going to get. I found the images looked much worse until I got them into the computer. 

Adysen Alastor – 2016.

Adysen answered a call I put out on my Facebook page while booking for shoots. She had never been photographed professionally before but is in the process of setting up a new web-based project. 

We met up after she ended a day of work at her day job, and consequently only had about 30 minutes to shoot before we both lost light, and could possibly be arrested for trespassing in a city park. Even though we were fighting a losing battle against the sunset, I still think we were able to grab some interesting content for both of our portfolios. 

Ecto Proxy – EPK Photos (Part 1 Studio).

Back in November, I had the chance to shoot a round of EPK (Electronic Press Kit) photos for Finite Automata. If you don't recognize that name just take a look at the last few blog posts and refresh yourself.  At the time, there were just two members, but since at point a third has been added. This entry is not about that band, but instead another great project by the name of Ecto Proxy. 

Damian, Coco, Cody, and I entered into talks to provide some shots for their press kit a few weeks back. We thought through a multi-part concept, for a few different setups. Since Damian will be leaving for a tour at the end of the month, we made sure to snatch up any time we could and work out some time to get at least a few photos taken. 

The photos themselves as they are, stand on their own, but I am excited to see what these turn into as Damian and Cody both are experienced and talented graphic designers. Once I see the final images as they will be presented I may update this post (or possibly give them a shout out of their own). But until then, be sure to check out Ecto Proxy (Facebook/Soundcloud) and give them a like. Big things are coming soon out of these three. 



Stoneburner: The Mouse Tour + Die Sektor, Finite Automata, And Zy_Gote (G-master 85mm Test)

So I make it a pretty obvious that I am a die hard Sony fan. But that's a story for another time. Earlier this year Sony announced a new series of lenses designed for their pro line bodies. I'll spare you those details as well, but let's just say that they are billed as being the next best thing in photography.

I have thought about this glass since the announcement and have wanted to get my hands on the 85mm f1.4 lens. I broke down and rented one for the next few weeks, and of course wanted to give it a good solid test. I'll start with a few of those photos, and then will transition into the rest of the photos from the night. For those of you here for photography things and not tour photos, keep your eyes open. I'll be posting another blog entry once I completely put things through their paces. 

G-Master test Images:

And now more words and tour photos:
Starting the night was Zy_Gote. Stan is no stranger from this blog, and you may remember him from some of the studio test photos from last year. This was his first live show, but you would never know it by the quality of the music and performance. I'll be the first one to say that the set went off without a hitch, and it can only go up from here.

Then Finite Automata took the stage: 

Atlanta based (for not much longer :( ) Die Sektor was up next:

And finally, the headliner for the night. Stoneburner:

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