David and Evie - 2017.

These guys are just too cute.

David is a person whom I have known through my time here in Atlanta. He always makes an effort to reach out when we are at the same event, has loaned me his back yard for a photo shoot, and generally is one of the best people I have met during my tenure here. 

When he reached out to me asking if I would be interested in taking the photos for his engagement announcements, of course, I wanted to make it happen. And then when I found out we would be spending part of a Saturday at the Historic Atlanta Oakland Cemetary, you bet I was game to be there. 


Bonus IQ180 shot. Honestly, before I give my opinions on this system I really need to play with it some more. I was told before shooting with it that a Tripod would be almost required, and after shooting with it I can agree. I have found that when you hit focus, it hits hard and the photo is full of detail, but when you miss...it also misses very hard. 

Also it's a matter of understanding that what you see on the back of the camera, isn't exactly what you are going to get. I found the images looked much worse until I got them into the computer. 

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