Kali Fornication - 2017.

Much like the previous entry, this is my first time working with Kali un-costumed. 

I really can't say enough how much fun of a person this girl is. She is always game to try something new, and loves to jump at the chance to get some work done wherever possible.

And it doesn't hurt that she likes how I make her backside (and the rest of her) look in the process. 


Makeup, Model, Styling: Kali Fornication

Hysteria Machines: Winter is Stunning GoT Nerdlesque - Promotional Photos

Below are some photos and unused promotional materials I created for Hysteria Machines' Winter is Stunning Game of Thrones Show. 

Having worked with HM in the past on various projects, I was so excited to be brought into the "Inner circle" and asked to document some of the wonderful costuming going into the production. Many of these photos have been waiting to be posted since April and I am happy that they can finally see the light of day.

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Part two of this blog post will be made live immediately after this one. It will contain a LOT of photos from the opening night of the show. 

ÜberDriver - 2017.

The musical collaboration of Frank Sparti (FlammPunkt, Prognosis, Thirteen13) and Scott Storey (Finite Automata, Voodoo Velcro, ScabDriver)

David and Evie - 2017.

These guys are just too cute.

David is a person whom I have known through my time here in Atlanta. He always makes an effort to reach out when we are at the same event, has loaned me his back yard for a photo shoot, and generally is one of the best people I have met during my tenure here. 

When he reached out to me asking if I would be interested in taking the photos for his engagement announcements, of course, I wanted to make it happen. And then when I found out we would be spending part of a Saturday at the Historic Atlanta Oakland Cemetary, you bet I was game to be there. 


Bonus IQ180 shot. Honestly, before I give my opinions on this system I really need to play with it some more. I was told before shooting with it that a Tripod would be almost required, and after shooting with it I can agree. I have found that when you hit focus, it hits hard and the photo is full of detail, but when you also misses very hard. 

Also it's a matter of understanding that what you see on the back of the camera, isn't exactly what you are going to get. I found the images looked much worse until I got them into the computer. 

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