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Ruby Marx - 2019.

Ruby Marx is a fresh face in the Atlanta Burlesque community who was referred to me by Charles of CBPhotos

(Side note, let’s pause for a minute and take a second to give a much needed shout out to Charles himself. If you have attended any of the many wonderful burlesque events here in Atlanta you probably are familiar with this man and his talent for winning raffles. His live work is wonderful, and he sure knows how to make the best at a large assortment of various lighting).

But, back to Ruby. She invited me into her home and we set to giving her the best photo experience possible. Afterwards we had a lovely chat, and I can’t wait to come up with something new for us to shoot together.

Zy_Gote - 2017.

Zy_Gote was brought to life by producer Stan Pavlov, fusing mixtures of different noise and industrial genres, molded together like Dr. Frankenstein constructed his infamous monster. Invoking dark atmospheres while unleashing distorted soundscapes aggressive beats and unsettling samples all at once upon the listener. 

Check out his debut album Potential for Destruction below. 

2016: A Year in Review

Oh hey there! Yes, I know it's been a while. But fear not, I'm still around. Just unintentionally took the last two months of the year off. I guess I just needed to take a bit of a break. Right now I'm lying in bed, getting over the last little bit of some flu or some other sickness. I figured if I can't be good for much else, I may as well get my yearly review post out of the way. 

Much like last year, I had a very hard time getting things narrowed down to just 5 images. But since this is my blog I guess I'll do what I damn-well please.


On a rainy Easter Sunday, Sara and I took an afternoon just doing whatever we could. Just being cool. Some great photos walking around Atlanta and getting caught out in the weather. 

Cody, Damien, and Coco from Ecto Proxy asked me to shoot some promo photos for them this year. We had planned on a few different shoots, but this one was the only one that materialized. Not that I am complaining. We had fun with a simple white background set up in the practice space. 

I actually don't think this photo of Hada Pixie ever got shown in its full resolution this year. Long story short, we were trying to save it for publication, but it never did get chosen. None the less, I still like what we were able to do with such a simple setup.

Sig and Nikki. So glad to get the chance to shoot them both together. After having individual shoots with both of them over the course of the year, October came and with it came Halloween photos. I was extremely happy with a lot of the photos we captured that day, but this one still stands out as one of the best of the year.

Unintentionally 2016 became the year of the cosplay. Shooting with Sig (also mentioned above) with his Red Hood costume, got me tied in with Hysteria Machines (and with it Risky Sour, Persephone Phoenix, and Jesse), as well as Estella Zorn and her great gender swapped Tuxedo Mask. I never really fancied myself a cosplay photographer, but if the shoe fits...I'm not opposed to wearing it.

Honorable Mentions:

Adysen Alastor – 2016.

Adysen answered a call I put out on my Facebook page while booking for shoots. She had never been photographed professionally before but is in the process of setting up a new web-based project. 

We met up after she ended a day of work at her day job, and consequently only had about 30 minutes to shoot before we both lost light, and could possibly be arrested for trespassing in a city park. Even though we were fighting a losing battle against the sunset, I still think we were able to grab some interesting content for both of our portfolios. 

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