Ruby Marx - 2019.

Ruby Marx is a fresh face in the Atlanta Burlesque community who was referred to me by Charles of CBPhotos

(Side note, let’s pause for a minute and take a second to give a much needed shout out to Charles himself. If you have attended any of the many wonderful burlesque events here in Atlanta you probably are familiar with this man and his talent for winning raffles. His live work is wonderful, and he sure knows how to make the best at a large assortment of various lighting).

But, back to Ruby. She invited me into her home and we set to giving her the best photo experience possible. Afterwards we had a lovely chat, and I can’t wait to come up with something new for us to shoot together.

Sunday O'Dare - 2018.

I was introduced to Sunday by another friend of mine, the wonderful performer and all around boss guy, Don Rap,when they both attended an impromptu brunch meeting for my birthday earlier this year. 

I was struck by Sunday's very classic look and her vintage style.

A few months later when I was casting for the Sci-Fi show I remembered her, and reached out to see if she wanted to be a part of the project. Even though I eventually chose to go in another direction, we still kept each other in mind.

When I put out that I had some openings for TFP work, she reached out to me and after some begging of Don to use his sun-room, it was off to the races.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 9.11.16 PM.png

We shot two different looks, but due to the changing lighting from the setting sun, we ended up capturing three different feeling sets of images. 

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