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Abby Div - 2019.

I’m honestly not sure how Abby found me. But I do know we have been trying to work together for at least a year now by my count. After several instances of being in the same place at the same time I’m happy that we finally made plans to work together.

Abby and I captured so many great images in our short time together, far too many to share all of them in this post. Maybe a little down the line after these have time to marinate a little bit more I’ll share a few more.

Until then, give these a look:

If you can’t get enough of Abby, or want to book her yourself, make sure you visit her website. And of course because I’m not ashamed to share projects I am fond of, you can also see Abby (and so many others) in Nikola Tamindzic’s book Fucking New York.

Andie - 2019

A lot of the same things that were said about my previous post can be echoed here. I met Andie last year while being introduced to Julie, and we were supposed to shoot then.

I’m super happy that we were able to meet up this year, and I’m glad we had some extra time to talk day jobs and other interesting activities. I don’t want to share too much info to you internet strangers, but let’s just say this, this lady is doing some fantastic work and has really found her calling.

I’ve been trying to get this up for over a week now, but have just been crazy busy. So without any further ado, ANDIE!

Nikki Nuke'm – 2016

This was originally supposed to be a couple's shoot with Nikki and her partner Sig, but on the day we were scheduled to shoot we had to make a few changes as they had a last minute rehearsal for a show they are both performing in. But being a lady of her word, we re-booked for the next day and decided to set up the backdrop and see what we could come up with. 

Our original plan is still in the works, but you will have to wait for that to come in the near future. But for now, enjoy a few of the images we were able to create together on a somewhat impromptu shoot. 

Ecto Proxy – EPK Photos (Part 1 Studio).

Back in November, I had the chance to shoot a round of EPK (Electronic Press Kit) photos for Finite Automata. If you don't recognize that name just take a look at the last few blog posts and refresh yourself.  At the time, there were just two members, but since at point a third has been added. This entry is not about that band, but instead another great project by the name of Ecto Proxy. 

Damian, Coco, Cody, and I entered into talks to provide some shots for their press kit a few weeks back. We thought through a multi-part concept, for a few different setups. Since Damian will be leaving for a tour at the end of the month, we made sure to snatch up any time we could and work out some time to get at least a few photos taken. 

The photos themselves as they are, stand on their own, but I am excited to see what these turn into as Damian and Cody both are experienced and talented graphic designers. Once I see the final images as they will be presented I may update this post (or possibly give them a shout out of their own). But until then, be sure to check out Ecto Proxy (Facebook/Soundcloud) and give them a like. Big things are coming soon out of these three. 



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