Straight Edge Tattoo - Corset Piercing

So this entry is going to be a little different than my usual posts. I wanted to try something a little different in how I present things as well. Instead of a few select photos and a lot of text, I am going to have my favorite photos from the night in a gallery slide show below. 

I was invited by Brandie and Nic of Straight Edge Tattoo to document a corset piercing being performed by Nic for his portfolio. I didn't want to treat this as a typical portrait session (because it wasn't), so instead I chose to make myself a fly on the wall and try to capture the beauty, emotions, and even the pain of this pursuit of beauty. 

For those who may not be familiar with the process a few considerations:
Yes, these are real piercings. They were performed in sequence throughout the course of the evening. After our final laced photos were taken, they were removed. These piercings are not made to be permanent, only temporary.

This type of activity should only be performed by a professional in a clean and sterilized environment using only new and sterilized equipment. Proper safety precautions should be taken at all times. 

For more information, or to have a piercing like this performed yourself please contact your local tattoo/piercing shop for more information. (If you happen to be in the Atlanta area, make sure to drop by and see everyone at Straight Edge Tattoo)

State of the Union - June 2016 - Featuring Hada Pixie

So the last time I did one of these posts it was back in September of last year. Upon reviewing it I realized that a lot has changed since then. Figured it was about time to go back and catch everyone up on the last few months and give a temperature check on where things are at.

Also, it gives me a good opportunity to share a few photos that I have been sitting on for a couple of weeks now. But first, the update. 

Back in January, I moved out of my old apartment, leaving it and my studio space behind. It's been a bit of a challenge trying to find places to work. But due to some help and inspiration from a few different books, I am making things happen. Earlier in the year, I also linked up with a new business partner, who is slowly but surely working her way into the UNEX ecosystem. Soon I hope she will completely take over my booking process and begin writing and contributing her own work here to the Blog. We are making great process to moving onto bigger and better things. 

2016 so far has been a busy one. I'm not shooting as much as I was last year with the 52 rolls project, but what I am doing has kept me very busy. Between the day job and my efforts here I am averaging 60+ hour weeks, and as of the time of writing this update I am going on day 50-something with only having had 3.5 "days off" in that time. But don't take this as complaining. I'm very excited for what is to come. 

So what have I been working on lately? I tend to have a pretty good track record with keeping everyone in the loop as shoots happen. My friends over at Finite Automata and Ecto Proxy have kept me busy covering concerts, and of course, some of my old favorite models have stepped up and provided me with enough work to keep more than busy. But now I'd like to announce a few shoots that have kinda flown under the radar:

Right now Hada Pixie and I have three photo sets currently active over on Zivity (shameless plug, I always have 30 day free trials available, so email me to get one for yourself) one of which, "Stay Golden" was rated as an Editor's Choice!

Of course, I'm not going to spoil any of our photos from the sets in the blog here (Ahem, did I mention I'm giving away free 30 day trials?), but I'm happy to share a few of my selects that didn't "make the cut".

You may remember the photo below if you follow me on social media.

This was an image that didn't make the cut for our set "In the Sink" and below is a photo from "Stay Golden" that I talked about above.

Look at that golden sunlight? Pretty awesome right? I am kinda happy to admit that this shot was taken at like 4:00 in the afternoon, with sunset nowhere in sight. I've been growing so much in between shoots. Fully committing to my 2016 goal of "Learn More".


Pixie and I still have a few shoots we are holding in reserve, but I am able to give another sneak peek. During the same shooting day, we decided to document some custom latex work from Queen's Arrow Latex. These photos haven't yet been released into the wild, and more shall be forthcoming. Also, keep your eyes open for some more collaboration with Queen's Arrow coming soon (maybe? probably? call me!).. 

So that's it for now. As always thanks for checking in and keeping up on what I've been doing. If you want to book a shoot of your own make sure to drop me an email from my contact page and let's talk about making something happen!

Dani Deetté - 2016

Happy 2016 everyone! Things have been a little quiet here around the UNDEREXPOSED camp. But rest assured I am still here and ready to keep rocking on new content for everyone. Expect a state of the union post coming soon explaining everything in more detail. For now, I'll just say that I've been moving and am in the process of finding a new "studio" to work from. Also, you may have noticed that I have consolidated the blogs into a single "News" blog now. I liked the idea of maintaining 3 different pages, each with their own content. But I don't think the concept worked so well in practice. So for now, at least, everything will just be funneled here. 

But enough housekeeping. I wanted to share with all of you some photos I took of a great person, and up-and-coming actress Dani Deetté (I didn't forget the accent Dani). Dani contacted me via social media and asked if I was interested in having a shoot with her. She recently has moved to Atlanta to live her dream as an actress. You all know me, I'm always happy to help out a fellow creative. So almost immediately I said, "let's do it".

We met at one of my favorite spots in my local area in which to shoot. And then moved to a more rustic location for a few more shots. It wasn't until we were almost finishing up for the day that we discovered a hiking trail, and by sheer luck hit beautiful golden hour light. We probably hiked around for a mile or so talking, laughing, and shooting great photos. 

I really look forward to doing more with her in the future. 


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