Ecto Proxy – EPK Photos (Part 1 Studio).

Back in November, I had the chance to shoot a round of EPK (Electronic Press Kit) photos for Finite Automata. If you don't recognize that name just take a look at the last few blog posts and refresh yourself.  At the time, there were just two members, but since at point a third has been added. This entry is not about that band, but instead another great project by the name of Ecto Proxy. 

Damian, Coco, Cody, and I entered into talks to provide some shots for their press kit a few weeks back. We thought through a multi-part concept, for a few different setups. Since Damian will be leaving for a tour at the end of the month, we made sure to snatch up any time we could and work out some time to get at least a few photos taken. 

The photos themselves as they are, stand on their own, but I am excited to see what these turn into as Damian and Cody both are experienced and talented graphic designers. Once I see the final images as they will be presented I may update this post (or possibly give them a shout out of their own). But until then, be sure to check out Ecto Proxy (Facebook/Soundcloud) and give them a like. Big things are coming soon out of these three. 



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