Week 26 – I Hope These Turn Out – Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 (+1 Stop) (Exhausted C41 Chemicals?)

Pixie from last week also introduced me to Clockwork Calamity (Zivity profile, still just as NSFW as last week). And we had a great shoot (albeit very bright and sun-hurty) where she was cosplaying as Black Canary (Set totally should be live on Zivity if you wanted to throw me a few votes ;) ). 

Seeing as how I have been having a hard time getting models to work with, I wanted to make sure I snatched up the opportunity to get some more people into the blog. The sad, and very unfortunate thing is I really should have taken my own thoughts to heart in "week 24" and bought new C41 chemicals. The negatives turned out SUPER thin (or at least look that way before scanning them). I'm not sure if I will get anything that remotely looks like the correct colors out of this roll.

As I'm prepping this blog post I am about to purchase more, so hopefully my Dragoncon photos (Spoiler Alert...they start NEXT WEEK!) will be processed much better. Also we are up to 41 rolls as of this update! 

(Ninja Edit: Yep. It was totally the chemicals. The DragonCon Color photos turned out great!)

Ninja edit: Excuse my language, but HOLY SHIT. I bashed on Photoshop for the longest time and seriously saw it as a crutch and not a tool. But after seeing what I was able to recover from these images I am seriously impressed. I bet someone much more skilled than I could have even done a better job. I mean, look at what came out of my scanner from these:

I guarantee you they look worse in "person". I'm willing to accept the loss in sharpness that I had to take in order to get rid of the scanning artifacts in order to rescue even a few of these images. Especially considering I was trying for a result more like this (taken on my digital camera):

Development Notes:
Unicolor C41 Kit - Probably exhausted

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