Finite Automata – EPK 2015.

I was approached by Dom and Scott from the Atlanta based band, Finite Automata to shoot some new photos for their new electronic press kit/tour photos. 

I loved the concept they laid before me, and wanted to make sure I was able to capture everything the way they wanted. Before we even finished shooting, and looking only at photos from the back of the camera, I got the thumbs up (and a hug) from both of these guys. 

If you are a fan of Dark Electro Industrial music, please make sure to check out their page and give it a listen. 

It was seriously a hard choice on narrowing down which images to feature on this site, there were so many great ones to post. This was also my first chance trying out a new, smaller, camera rig than I previously have used. These were shot on a Sony a6000, and I am still trying to wrap my head around how a crop frame camera that small is able to crank out files so large. I'll be doing some more playing around with the Sony mirrorless line in the upcoming months.

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