Week 25 – Hada Pixie: Flexible (BTS and Outtakes) – Ilford Delta 100

These images were taken at the same time a friend of mine, and professional model, Hada Pixie and I were working together this weekend. Pixie and I met at an arrange photo shoot event many years ago when I was still new to Atlanta. We exchanged contact information then, but it wasn't until almost 2 years later that we finally shot together for the first time.

Typically when Pixie and I work together it's for a website named Zivity where photographers and models work together to create photosets and ultimately make a little bit of money in the process. I'm not exactly sure when this set will go live (it very well may be by the time this hits the blogs) but be sure to check out some of the work we have done at zivity.com/photographers/UNEXPhotography Please note that anything past that link should be considered NSFW for naked parts. This blog entry on the other hand...should be completely fine. 

Development Notes:
Stand Developed 1:100 Dilution Rodinal
1 Hour, 30 Seconds of Agitation at start.
Standard Fix

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