God Module: eVISCERAte Tour w/ Finite Automata & Cursed Earth Corporation

There are a few perks to being close with bands in your local area. By supporting them you are helping other artists support themselves and their dreams, and if you become really close with them it means that you get a chance to regularly see great live music AND get a chance to do what you love. The guys from Finite Automata are currently on tour right now, and made a stop here in Atlanta with God Module and a new up and coming band Cursed Earth Corporation. 

Naturally I had a standing invite (in case you haven't figured that out yet) and was given the chance once again to shoot. 

First up was Cursed Earth Corporation. Based out of Lexington, SC and performing live for the first time. If they didn't mention it, I would have thought these guys were a driving force that had been well toured and ready for action.  If their future is anything like they played this show, I can see them going places. Be sure to check them out on Soundcloud.

Next was Finite Automata. These guys are no stranger to this blog, and there is little else that I can say that hasn't already been said. Even though there were some casualties during the tour opener, the guys brought their A-game and performed a set full of the theatricality that they are so well known for. This set also featured a relative rarity, Scott and his keyboards were set up in a much cleaner lighting situation, so I was able to capture a few great shots of the deathpimp himself at work. 

And finally, the headliners of the night, God Module. Performing their album VISCERA in its entirety to celebrate 10 years of the album's release. I was given the opportunity to shoot them last year for a magazine article that never really materialized, but I happily now can share some images taken during this very foggy performance.  

For someone who doesn't consider himself a band photographer, I sure am shooting a lot of bands lately. Not that I am complaining, any time spent with a camera in my hands is a good time. 

DaVinci Black - 07.03.2014

Hello friends and followers,

When I first moved to Atlanta I was working customer support for a cell phone company. The job itself wasn't anything to write home about, but I was able to meet some very interesting and creative folks.

When one of those people called me up out of the blue and asked if I was available for a shoot on very short notice, I said I'd make it happen. And I'm glad I did. Here are a few photos from the up and coming DaVinci Black (link to come, he is working on his social media pages as we speak)


Hada Pixie - 10/25/2013

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to let you all know I had a very busy day yesterday. 

I had a chance to work with Hada Pixie, a great model and person that I met doing the Beautiful Darkness event a few years back.

When we met I was recovering from a bad sunburn, and a night of we didn't get to work then. When she approached me to do some work for Zivity I jumped at the chance. 

We shot three sets (two of which I will tease here) 

"One Eyed Jacks" is a Twin Peaks inspired photoset from inside the "red room" of the David Lynch classic. See another uncensored image on the NSFW blog.  

"Far from Agony" lets Pixie take on the style of her Musical Muse Alyssa White-Gluz from the band The Agonist.

Both of these sets are currently pending review at Zivity, and will be available for voting very soon. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  Once they are live feel free to give us both some love. And as always trial memberships are available.

01/24/2013 - Scarlett Quinn:

Hello UNEX Friends and Followers,

Normally I would be reporting to you right now how awesome my shoot for "The Morning After" went, but that didn't quite go off as planned. I will do you all a favor and spare you the details, however I did get some more with the beautiful Scarlett Quinn. 

You will be able to see some of those images in the near future, they are being submitted to a website that rhymes with "Blue-a-side Hurls". Until we get the go ahead to post our favorite images, those will remain in the archives for the moment. Or most of them anyway. I may have a few selects once we go through everything.

Here is a candid shot of Miss Quinn while we were scouting the rooftop pool of the location we had selected. She will probably hate me for posting this on the blog as she was in more of her natural form.

Needless to say we really loved the view that this location afforded. However it was a little bit cold for the both of us, so we quickly went back inside. But not after having a little fun, see one of those photos on the extra blog here

Our shooting location for the first of the day reminded me a lot of a Parisian apartment...even though I have never been to Paris, I have seen enough New Wave films to make the analogy. 

This is where the most of our shooting came out of for the day. We both enjoyed the lighting and the rustic feel that the background provided in most of the shots.

After breaking for lunch and finding that the evening portion of shooting was not going to go as planned we opted to take things in a different direction and head back to the roof.

The temperature was no better now than it was earlier in the day. So we had to work quickly.

This was one of my favorites from the evening. Another will be posted to the NSFW blog here. Only for lady bum, generally people frown upon looking at that while you are at work. 

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the latest work. And be on the lookout for more as it becomes available.


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