Hada Pixie - 10/25/2013

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to let you all know I had a very busy day yesterday. 

I had a chance to work with Hada Pixie, a great model and person that I met doing the Beautiful Darkness event a few years back.

When we met I was recovering from a bad sunburn, and a night of partying...so we didn't get to work then. When she approached me to do some work for Zivity I jumped at the chance. 

We shot three sets (two of which I will tease here) 

"One Eyed Jacks" is a Twin Peaks inspired photoset from inside the "red room" of the David Lynch classic. See another uncensored image on the NSFW blog.  

"Far from Agony" lets Pixie take on the style of her Musical Muse Alyssa White-Gluz from the band The Agonist.

Both of these sets are currently pending review at Zivity, and will be available for voting very soon. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  Once they are live feel free to give us both some love. And as always trial memberships are available.

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