Jessica and Thomas - 2018

You may remember last year when I shot some very interesting engagement photos for a very special couple.


I met Jessica and Thomas back in 2015 at DragonCon when they came and spent some time in the room I was sharing with a few other people. Little did I know that they would come to me many years later and ask for me to not only shoot their very unique and special Mortal Kombat themed engagement photos, but also their wedding as well.

At the time of our meeting they had been together for 8 years (if my math is correct) and at the time of their wedding that was bumped to an unusually high 11 years! If anything their finally tying the knot was a long time coming and a lot of work in the making.

These photos are a few weeks late as they were married the weekend before DragonCon this year. I gave them the proofs while we shared a room a few weeks ago, but then with Con and all of my recent Artist’s Way work I’ve been a little late sharing them with all of you.

Below are a few of my favorites from spending their very special day with them:

Jessica and Thomas, I wish you the best and many more happy years together. Thank you for letting me be a huge part of your wedding day. I hope these photos last you both a lifetime and more.

Week 17 – Leftover wedding photos, and other things – Arista EDU 100

This roll ended up being a little more random than most. I loaded it with the intention of shooting all of it after the wedding of my friend Abby. However after a couple of frames, we all were sweaty and ready to move on with the rest of the day. So it sat in my camera for a few days. (Ok, more than a few days, maybe a week or more, in case you haven't figured out yet I am shooting WAY more than I expected so there is like a 2 week lag in what happens on the blog and what I am actually doing). 

After a particularly busy week, I decided it was time to finish the roll and get it processed for all of you. One major thing of note is I shot the entire roll in a focal length I don't normally work with. Part of the camera package I got for christmas included a 28mm lens. Typically I shoot more portrait style images and work with something closer to 50mm-90mm so it was fun to play with something a touch wider.

Development Notes:
1:50 Dilution Rodinal @ 70º-ish
Agitation for first 30 seconds, 5 seconds every 30 seconds.
7 Minutes.
Standard Fix - 4 Minutes (Brand new batch of Fixer).

Week 11e – Mr and Mrs Jones (Part 2) – Kodak 400 TX (+2 Stops)

I couldn't visit the land of Kodak without shooting a roll. I actually picked it up in the gift shop of the Eastman house (from a few updates ago). I haven't actively shot TX or Tmax since college, and I remember it not being a very pleasant experience then. 

Short of some development issues (which were totally my fault, see the dev notes below) I thought things came out pretty well. I loved being a fly on the wall for the after-after party. 

Development Notes:
Rodinal 1:100 Dilution
120 Minute Semi Stand Dev
4 inversion every 30 minutes
Very Thin Negatives. I'm pretty sure its because I used the leftover batch of developer from doing the previous 2 rolls. Probably didn't have enough developer. However everything seemed to be scanned correctly.

Week 11c&d – Mr and Mrs Jones (Part 1) – Ilford HP5+ (+2 Stops)

I met Nick while working for a telecommunications company pretty soon after moving to Atlanta. We almost immediately bonded over music, film, art, and photography. In fact a few weeks after our first meeting we ended up staying way too late at a bar discussing Romeo and Juliet. 

Nick quickly became my right hand man of sorts, always willing to jump in and assist me with any upcoming photo assignments. He acted as my assistant for Beautiful Darkness and there are tucked away on this website a few photos of him just being himself. 

In February of 2013 he moved back to his home state of NY and left us all behind. It was a great honor to be invited to his wedding and I jumped at the chance at taking a trip. Originally the plan was for me to snap candid photos of everyone while I was there. But plans changed (not after I bought a bunch of film though) and I shot anyway. 

I wish both Nick and Chrissy the best of lives together, and hope that I can make it back to see them sooner than later. 

Development Notes:
Rodinal 1:100 Dilution
120 Minute Semi Stand Dev
4 inversion every 30 minutes
Standard Fix

Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love Ilford Delta 100?

If you have been following this blog for the last little bit you will have already seen that I have been playing with caffenol lately. 

Last weekend I was shooting a wedding for some friends and brought along a few rolls of film, mostly as a backup, and not really intending to shoot any of it. 

During everyone getting ready I had a little downtime, so I decided to pop in a roll or two and get to shooting. 

None of these are any of my favorite images from the weekend, but it serves as a reminder how much I LOVE film and how digital (however easier) will never replace analog in my mind. 

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