Weekend Project - Darkroom:

Hello UNEX Friends and Followers,

Just wanted to take a second and keep you all abreast on what I have been doing all weekend. 

If you have been following the various blogs for the last few months, you will remember I got into caffenol printing in my bathroom. Generally speaking being a bachelor has its perks, one of which is being able to live in a level of grunge that makes normal people shy away. However now that I am taking the steps to move to the next level, I thought it was about time to take things to the next level.

Since I moved into my apartment last March I pretty much have had a closet full of boxes and various junk that I didn't really have a place for. I decided this weekend to change all of that.

I took everything that was in my closet out, and re-organized everything to a much more manageable space.

Work in progress clearing everything out

And this is the final result. I have enough room to comfortably load and unload film. Also I have a workspace that gives me enough room for a basic enlarger if I was so inclined (Hello Craigslist!). All of the development proper will still be done in the bathroom, but it works out better than I had it for now.

What did you all do this weekend?


Adventures in Caffenol (Part 3):

Most of these aren’t the best images. But developing with Caffenol can produce some interesting effects.

Don’t worry about the hairs, or the water stains. I’m working on that for the next round. I need to get some photo flo or something of the sort.

A better drying facility without cat hair floating around may be a good idea too. The last image will also be NSFW (although I thought it still fit on the Extra blog due to its alternative processing).



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