Weekend Project - Darkroom:

Hello UNEX Friends and Followers,

Just wanted to take a second and keep you all abreast on what I have been doing all weekend. 

If you have been following the various blogs for the last few months, you will remember I got into caffenol printing in my bathroom. Generally speaking being a bachelor has its perks, one of which is being able to live in a level of grunge that makes normal people shy away. However now that I am taking the steps to move to the next level, I thought it was about time to take things to the next level.

Since I moved into my apartment last March I pretty much have had a closet full of boxes and various junk that I didn't really have a place for. I decided this weekend to change all of that.

I took everything that was in my closet out, and re-organized everything to a much more manageable space.

Work in progress clearing everything out

And this is the final result. I have enough room to comfortably load and unload film. Also I have a workspace that gives me enough room for a basic enlarger if I was so inclined (Hello Craigslist!). All of the development proper will still be done in the bathroom, but it works out better than I had it for now.

What did you all do this weekend?


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