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Top 5 Images of 2012

Hello Friends and Followers!

I hope everyone's year has been wonderful. Also I hope to have this post finished before too far into 2013 (but that's a whole different story).

2012 has been a great year for us here at UNDEREXPOSED, a large part of which is due to all of you. And in looking at my body of work for the year, I have done more work in 2012 than I have in any of the years previous. Multiple accolades at, my first legitimate publication, and the winning of the Kink Patrol art show. Lets not forget the website that you are currently reading as well. It's been a long road, but with your help 2013 will be an even better year.

Without further ado, let's get to today's blog post. I was inspired by a thread over at the Something Awful Forums (goon) to post my favorite shots I have taken from 2012. In no particular they are:

Necrosis Synthesis:

Honestly speaking when this gentleman contacted me I didn't know what to think. He was referred to me by some designers that I had worked for in 2011.  Even though I wasn't really in the market to take on new clients at the time, I took the chance to shoot him. This was from our second shoot together and even now "That picture of the 'hand guy'" has become one of my most well known images.


I first met Shadow in early 2011 and almost immediately we stuck off on a path that would become a very stable business relationship. Shadow approached me for a feature in Glam Rock Magazine for her company Soiled Dove Designs, and naturally I jumped at the chance. This was one of the images that came from that shoot, and subsequently was published. One thing that the picture doesn't show is how tall she really is. Combined with her tendency to wear high heels, it makes for an ever fun time for someone who is shorter like me.


Bobby AKA DJ Ghost and I have become close friends during my tenure in Atlanta. 2012 has brought a lot of work my way with this great guy. Shooting his appearances at Atmosphere X in early January, being the go-to guy at his Monthly Fallout Events, and even being the "Secret Agent Photographer" for his engagement are all things that stick out in my mind when looking at what I have accomplished in 2012. This image in particular was actually meant for Shadow or one of her many friends, but when she was not available I called Bobby in for the job. He came running after a long day at his day job and was eager to work with me...until he knew he would be blindfolded. Luckily we got past that pretty quickly, and ended up with an image we both would be proud of. 

The Next Two Images Are Not Safe For Work:

Nicolette Emanuelle:

I met Nicolette originally at one of Bobby's Fallout events. I was immediately enamored with her large back tattoo (not that you can see it in this image). Many months later I was made aware of the Kink Patrol photo and art competition. When it came time to create a new image to submit, I knew Nicolette would be perfect for the part. Taking what I had learned from shooting with Bobby for the image above, we came up with an image that we both were very happy with and that ended up winning me the competition by popular vote.  

Scarlett Quinn:

Miss Quinn was the first friend I ever made in Atlanta (under her given name of course). She came to me mid way through 2012 and asked me to do a series of photographs of her for I have worked with her several times (making it very hard to select just one image...see below), and if things continue the way they are going now, expect many more great things from this girl.

Honorable Mentions:

Adrienne and Brian:

Generally speaking I don't like working with my own family as a photographer. Honestly what little time I get with my family is usually used for resting or catching up. However when my cousin came to me and asked for me to capture some images of her and her at the time soon to be husband. I took the job like any other. This image came from that series of photos. We took a nice long walk in downtown Valdosta. We settled on a few locations including an old burned out theater, and the picture below of the overgrown tobacco warehouse. Something about this image just stick with me, and even though I don't consider it one of the "5 best" I felt at least it deserved a re-posting.

Scarlett Quinn 2:

This image came completely by accident. When Scarlett and I started shooting for Zivity, we wanted to have a basic set in front of a white backdrop. After shooting and reviewing the images we took, we both just weren't happy with what came from it. It didn't have that extra bit of fire that makes a good image great. While taking a break and standing in her kitchen for a drink I saw just how beautiful and very "girl next door" she looked. After snapping a few frames it became clear to the both of us that this was going to take us both places.

What were your favorites from this last year? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. Who knows...there may be something special in it for you.

Here's to a brand new year

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