Nikki Nuke'm – 2015

I really had a lot of fun shooting this set of images with Nikki Nuke'm. If you follow the 52 rolls blog you may remember seeing a few photos of her during the DragonCon entries. She is a burlesque performer here in Atlanta, and it was by sheer luck that we happened across each other.

While I was building the flash diffusion panel (see the extra blog) I was also looking for new people to shoot in new ways. Luckily I was able to peel Nikki away from playing Fallout 4 for a spell and shoot something interesting and fun.

I had a REALLY hard time selecting images to show you all. And there is a pretty good chance I will be revisiting these photos in the near future. There were a couple that I had to re-construct in Lightroom/Photoshop because the backdrop was a little small. Also this was my first attempt at medium-heavy retouching. As my skills improve, hopefully my final delivered images will too.

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