Week 34 – Mystery Roll? – Exchange Select Color Print Film 800

"Hey dude, I picked up this camera at the thrift shop and it still has film in it. Wanna shoot it and see what happens?"

Stories that start this way, end either really well or really poorly. I'll let you know how it ends when it happens. This is not quite that story. 

A friend of mine, Nik, from  Super Awesome Laser Media is an avid thrift shop shopper. At least once a week I get an update as to where all the fun photographic toys are. He tagged me in a Facebook post the other day saying that he had come across an old Minolta 35mm camera with a pretty decent lens. He said that I needed to shoot the rest of the film, develop it, and see what happens. I was super excited to see what would come.

When the day came to deliver the camera, he was unable to bring it...but did have a surprise for me none the less. Another roll that was in a random camera.

"Usually if the battery is good enough to rewind it I will pop out what is inside" he told me. Followed up by  "this one took a while, so there is bound to be something on it". And there was. A grainy mess taken sometime within the last 10 years or so based on the uniform of the service member. Below is what was on that roll. 

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