Stevhan Hand – 2015

I put out my weekly call to action through social media late last week. With the holiday season starting, well, tomorrow. I wasn't expecting to have anyone able to shoot this week. And in came Stevhan. He said that he was getting more and more interest in one of his many talents, stage performing, and that he wanted something to show potential clients inquiring about his very unique act.

If you follow everything here at UNEX you probably remember the photos I took for Finite Automata a few months ago. The location we used was actually the basement of Stevhan's house here in Atlanta. 

We sat down and discussed something that was a little outside of the "norm" here of what I generally do. However outside of the comfort zone is where things really come together. Below are a few photos from our time together last night.

I also took a chance and shot a roll for my 52 rolls project. As I am posting this blog entry it is currently developing. If you liked these photos be sure to check back in December to see a few more images.

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