Week 35 – Murphy's Law – Fujicolor Super HQ 100 (+1 Stop accidentally)

So you know what they say. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong. And sometimes you just have to make the best of it. 

I was invited to a meetup with other Atlanta Film Photographers. Members Steven and Neil put on a great showing of skill and knowledge, and after a real world lesson in lighting it was off to the races. Almost immediately I was more than a little intimidated, not by my gracious hosts mind you, but at my own skills (or perceived lack there of). 

If you follow me on Twitter you may remember that I was struggling with my wireless trigger system after starting the move to Sony FE mount cameras. Long story short, old doesn't like to work with new so much. So my usual trigger set was out of my bag. I remembered sync cables though, so I figured I would be ok. As I lined up for the first shot, I pulled out my light meter...and the battery was dead. Rendering my metering useless. Luckily both Neil and Steven allowed me to use some of their kit and I was able to snap a few shots. Including my first photo taken with a medium format camera, and a single shot with a Leica to see if I could make it work with my lights...I'm only a little jealous.

So I had a great time, even if I did feel super intimidated by all of the great talent who showed up. Got home to develop the roll, and realized I had grabbed a 100 speed roll of film instead of 200. So the shots that I was able to grab, all were underexposed. After a little frantic googling and instruction reading I was able to compensate with development and below are the photos I was able to capture of Models Diya and Uh...another whose name escapes me at the moment (sorry). 

Development Notes:
Unicolor C41 Kit 4:40 (as per directions)

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