Week 21 – Location Scouting – Impossible Color SX-70 (Gen 1)

After a long-ish series of events, I finally tracked down and installed a frog tongue onto my SX-70. I had a spare pack of color film ready for an event sponsored by The Impossible Project here in Atlanta (that I ended up missing) and I figured I'd go test it out.

Even after doing all of the tips and tricks I have read, these photos turned out a little better, but still not where I want them to be for paying $25 bucks a pack. Aside from things being a little red on everything outside (Atlanta is quite warm) I just didn't feel like much of anything was exposed correctly. Oh well, it was a fun little experiment. Maybe once all of the kinks get worked out (if they ever do) I'll invest more time into Impossible instant films. 

Development Notes:
Frog Tongue shielded images after coming out of camera, placed into film box while developing
Minor color correction done post scan.

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