Week 20 – The Odd Couple – Ilford HP5+ 400iso

You all may remember Brandie and Nic from the Straight Edge Tattoo update a few months back. If you also remember I said I'd make it a point to get back to the shop once they were up and running. 

After putting out a call on Facebook looking for someone to photograph, Brandie responded and asked me to swing by the shop. We had discussed having me shoot some photos for the Save the Date invitations to her wedding, but I didn't realize we would be shooting that day. 

I snapped off a few photos, and promised that we'd work together soon after I could plan something a little more fitting for them.

Development Notes:
Stand Development
1:100 Dilution Rodinal
1 Hour development at room temperature, agitation for first 30 seconds
Standard Fix 4:00 

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