Week 22a – The Imperial Opa Rehearsal – Arista EDU 400

I always love working with friends. And when those friends just happen to be a part of a circus that makes things even better. 

I put out a call on Facebook for people who wanted to have some photographs made, and it wasn't too long before a long time friend and muse Nicolette (the one on the aerial) asked if I was available.

I'm not sure what exactly the event was for, but it seemed to be both a rehearsal session, and a studio recording of their Bastille Day performance. By the end of the night not only did I get a great show, but I also was introduced in true showman style as a "world famous photographer". A boy can dream anyway.

Development Notes:
Pretty much just like every other B&W Film I have developed for this blog.
1:100 Dilution of Rodinal
Stand Developed for 1 hour at 70º-ish
Standard Fix 4:00 

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