Week 12b&c – Jackie – Arista EDU 100

Current roll count 23. At this rate I really am going to be at 52 before I know it. 

Originally this was going to be two different posts. Both were shot on the same day as the previous update. However, after much consideration I decided to place both of these rolls together since they are the same film stock and were shot at pretty much the same time. Some of the later images could be considered NSFW (even though nothing really is visible. Just be mindful).

Officially this is the 12th week of the project and after this post I will begin collecting my favorite images so far into a special gallery on my website.  What have been your favorite posts or photos so far? Anything you would like to see different? Anything you would like to see more of? I'm always open to suggestions.

Development Notes:
3.5 Minutes
Rodinol 1:25 Dilution
Standard Fix Time

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