Week 13 – A Fresh Start – Ilford HP5+ 400iso

So you all out there in internet land won't know this until I tell you. But this roll was shot almost 4 weeks (or more) since last week's update. 

I sorta have been kinda vague about it unless you are very close to me, but I lost my day job at the end of March and its been a rough few weeks of job searching and little else. As of this moment (as I write this, not as it is posted) I am still looking for something to take up the slack, and hopefully I will have more rolls after this. It's been hard trying to get the motivation to pick up my camera, but I am not ready to "give up" on this project yet.

But to digress, this roll was a little funny. Normally HP5+ and I get along pretty well, but this roll just did not want to get on the reel to be developed. As you can see I was able to get everything on, and only "lost" about 3 frames due to curling. 

Development Notes:
Rodinal 1:25 Dilution
6 Minutes @ 70º F
Agitation 5 Seconds every 30 Seconds.
Standard Fix.

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