State of the Union – May 2015

So just a little update as to what is going on with UNEX over the last little while. There have been a couple of changes that I'd like you all to check out and be aware of.

Firstly the Year of Film Project is going wonderfully. As you can see from the screenshot above I am WAY ahead of schedule and what originally was going to just be 52 rolls of film will be a whole lot more. So much so that I believe I am just about ready to say that aside from a few weddings in the upcoming weeks I am giving up digital completely for all of 2015. By the time all of the posts listed here go live I will be well over half of the year completed and have already done WAY more shooting than I did in 2014. 

Thanks everyone who has taken a look at everything, and have given me words of encouragement over these last few months. If you are new to the website please click on the link above and catch up on what all has been going on since the beginning of the year. If you prefer a more cliff notes version I have a gallery started here of my favorite photos so far.

In an attempt to market myself a little better I have done some updating to the People portfolio. I have taken away a few redundant portraits and have re-added the Couples and Weddings portfolio for clients that would be interested in checking those out. I'm not exactly in the wedding business full time, but if you are interested please drop me a line. I haven't turned down anyone yet. 

As you can see I'm still trucking along with my social media goals, even if those numbers aren't exactly 100% where I would like them to be. Also if you are only following one of the pages you may be missing out on the "whole picture" (no pun intended). With the help of all of the team I am finding myself tweeting more and more. So if you were looking to just follow one source I would say that would be it. It also has the benefit of being where I am the most candid, and RT/Share articles that I find interesting or its not always just about me. However if you are not a Twitter user you can always interact with me on Facebook, or Instagram. I always love hearing from everyone. 

As always I'll end by asking all of you loyal followers if there is something I am missing? Or is there something you are dying to see (or see more of)? Just let me know what types of things you like. 


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