Week 8c – [Insert Pun About Being Naked Here] – Arista EDU Ultra 100

I shot this series of images with the intentions of having some extras in which to censor. However once I saw them I realized I just couldn't bring myself to deface them. 

Again working with model Morgan (we shot these last three weeks at the same time as I think I mentioned). 

These shoots were also the first in which I used my new light meter, and honestly I just keep wondering what I did without one. It makes things incredibly easy to determine when working with my studio lamps. However as the book says "if you give a mouse a cookie, he is gonna' want a glass of milk" and therefore now I want more studio toys. 

But gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) aside, I am pretty happy with how this roll came out.  As of this entry I am now at 13 rolls for the year (yet only on week 8...I think I am enjoying this way too much). Only 39 more to go to complete my goal (but this blog will probably become the (MORE THAN) 52rolls project. We will see!

Just like last week these images contain nudity...so don't look around people who are sensitive to that kind of thing. 

NSFW Photos Below:

Development Notes:
Rodinol 1:25 Dilution (10ml to 250ml)
3.5 Minutes 4 rotations every 30 seconds
Standard Fix 4 rotations every 30 seconds

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