Week 8b – Self Censorship Round 2 – Kodak BW400CN (expired) (-1 Stop)

Based on the positive feedback from the first batch of Self Censorship tests I am happy to report that I am moving forward with yet ANOTHER project this year. Probably won't be as big of a huzzah as I am making of my 52 rolls. But I will continue posting examples from this one through the year as well. 

Because of my work with Titan a few weeks ago, I found the model Morgan via instagram and was surprised when she was immediately on board with what I want to do with this project. 

For those who were concerned last time, yes I still drew directly on the negatives this time as well. I am experimenting with some sort of plastic sheet over top of the negatives so that I do not "destroy" them. But so far I haven't come up with the exact look I am going for.  

Many images in this entry also include nudity and therefore are not safe for work (unless your work is cool with that).

Modified Gallery:

Development Notes:
Standard Processing
Unicolor C-41 Kit
Sharpie on Negative Before Scan

Unmodified Gallery:

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