Week 9 – Trying to learn this color thing – Kodak 200 (Expired)

After looking at my previous color works from this year of film, I decided that after having worked in digital so long that I really didn't have a grasp on shooting in color on film. So this week's roll was specifically based around shooting a roll and trying to figure it all out. 

I'm actually happy to report that I did learn a few things that I hope to be able to move forward with. Exposure for example is MUCH more important in color than it is in Black and White film. Where B&W can be adjusted in post or printing and look very natural, color can have very different casts and just look like garbage depending on if it is properly exposed, or even over/under. 

(Edit: As was pointed out to me as well, shooting expired film stocks can also be the cause of strange casts. I think I may have talked about that on Week 8a's entry...but it'd be worth mentioning it here again. Thanks Aly)

None of these photos are anything mind-blowing really, but I am glad that I learned (or am still learning anyway) something.

Development Notes:
Standard Processing
Unicolor C41 kit
Film less than year expired, shot at box speed

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