Week 10 – Nicky – Fujicolor Super HQ 100 (Expired?)

Its just my luck that I find a film stock completely by accident that I really like, only to find that its been discontinued. I purchased a few rolls of this Super HQ in a film lot on ebay. I THINK I have found more of it on Amazon, and am debating on if I want to pull the trigger or not. But I really do like the colors it captured. 

I am super happy with how this roll turned out. After a few failed experiments with color I was glad that this one came out the way it did.

Shout out to Nicky from Nicky's Eye View for being my model this week. She not only does a great "Blue steel" but she is a great photographer herself. Follow her on Instagram or Tumblr

I still need to work on my scanning environment. Way too much dust and cat hair is floating around in my apartment. 

Development Notes:
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Unicolor C-41 Kit

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