Week 5 – Push it (Push it real good) – Arista EDU 400 (Push +1 Stop to 800)

It's funny to me how things work out sometimes. The roll that I loaded for this week actually ended up in the trash a few minutes after putting it into the camera. I realized that the film wasn't advancing through the camera, popped open the back, and then instead of rewinding just the leader I ended up rolling the entire roll back into the canister. 

After a few awkward minutes of butter-knifing I decided it was a lost cause, loaded a fresh roll, and ordered a film extractor. Then I took the first shot actual shot on the new roll.

I have this sign on my wall, it just says "Make mistakes". Its a reminder that not every day will be perfect, and that sometimes you just have to experiment. That was what I accomplished with this roll. None of the following photos will be winning any awards any time soon for their content, but I still consider this a success because I feel I have a grasp now on pushing film during the development process. Enough yammering, onto the photos:

Developing Notes:
Arista EDU - 400 iso (Push +1 to 800 iso)
Recommended Development:  
Rodinal 1:25 dilution
5.5 Minutes Development time at 70º
Rodinal 1:50 dilution (5ml in 250ml water)
16 Minutes Development time at 70º
Standard Fix - 4 Minutes
Used Photo Flo. 

Very low contrast images (easily corrected in post), expected grain increase.


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