Week 6a – All Hail the God-Film, Portra – Kodak Portra 400

Just a fair warning this update will be a little longer than my previous blog posts. Mostly because I ended up shooting double what I set out. 2 rolls of Portra 400 ends up to be 72 frames. I will be presenting it in two sections in this blog post. The first will be random shots taken to start roll 1, and the second will be my first attempt at a cohesive photo shoot for this project. Portraits have been my focus, so I hope to master a few things and present more of them soon.

With that many frames, and the fact that I am still learning the quirks of a manual camera, I had a lot more frames that I was not happy with this time around. I will save you all a lot of the hassle and not be including near as many "outtake" photos as I normally do. 

Also its worth noting I'm not entirely sure I'm doing what I am supposed to with the developer kit. I seem to have had a lot of very bad water spots on these rolls even after following instructions. Any tips would be appreciated!

Gallery One Below:
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If you have made it this far, now here are the shots from my portrait session with a friend of mine. We have worked together many times, and like always it was more than a pleasure this time as well. 

Sadly these photos didn't turn out 100% the way I wanted. I'm still trying to master the camera I am using, and full manual everything is still a bit of a challenge. I found that many of the shots taken were out of focus. I'm still trying to work out what the issue was, but I think its better to move on and learn from my mistakes. Maybe slow down a little (which was one of my goals anyway for this project).

Titan Gallery Below:
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Developing Notes:
Standard Development using the Unicolor C41 kit.

Post Processing Notes:
I am genuinely surprised at the latitude (I guess you would call it) of this film when it comes to adjusting color levels. It was very easy to create more than a few different "looks" using the scanned negative. I tried my best to color the images as I remember the scene, but I still think it was pretty neat. "God-film" indeed. I think next time however I will try to purposely underexpose by a stop. I ended up doing that digitally and has much better results.

Next week's post will also be technically from this week. I mean, I shot them both at the same time. But it is entirely different, and I think will be a departure from something I would usually do.

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