Just a quick check in (a state of the UNDEREXPOSED union so to speak):

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to clear up any rumors that I am dead or that I am out of the photography game. I am alive and well.

If any of you know me personally you will already know that I recently re-located a little bit outside of Atlanta for financial, and personal reasons. This move will afford me the opportunity to save a little cash as well as hopefully have a space to clear my head and get some new work coming once my day job gets a little less crazy coming up no later than the end of the holiday season. I also have a little bit more room to work that doesn't double as a bedroom...so that's a plus as well.

My new office is mostly set up, and aside from a little unpacking left to do I am just about ready to get back in the swing of things. 


Speaking of new work, I have an upcoming appointment to do some band pictures for a local up and coming group called Earthbound Spirits from Douglasville GA. I have been contracted to get some pictures of them for promotions, and for their new website launching soon.

I am also in talks with another model from Zivity (you may remember some of my work with the great Scarlett Quinn which seems to have exploded on Tumblr these last few weeks) to get some new work done by the end of the month as long as my schedule allows.

In terms of personal projects, both that I have been planning are sadly, currently on the back burner. However I am still planning on getting those done sooner than later. Its just a matter of getting a budget together and some studio time (and clearing out some of the cobwebs floating around in my head).

We are coming up on a year of having an official website, and I thank all of you that have taken the time to come check it out. And if you have come out for any of my showings in the last year I want to thank you double. I think its almost time for a bit of a re-design and once I can get something solid that I like I will be taking the time to update everything.

Which brings me to my next order of business. What would you like to see coming in the future? Are there any ideas that you would want to see? Any stories you feel that need to be told?

What would I like to do you ask? Well I would like to take a little time to do some traveling. Aside from moving to Atlanta three years ago, I haven't really had a chance to get out on my own and spend some time in new places on my own terms. I would like to propose my "headshot extravaganza" ideas you may have heard me talking about where I visit new places and get some work done at a good rate while I am there. But of course that will take a bit more planning than I have time for right now.

Thanks for sticking in there, I know many of you would rather see a bunch more photos instead of me rambling. But don't worry...they are coming...you have my word.

Thats enough from me for the moment, but before I sign off I will leave you with a picture of some of my new roommates of the fuzzy variety. They still don't know whether or not to consider me a friend, or a sofa. Only time will tell.


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