Earthbound Spirit - 10/20/2013

As I mentioned in my previous Blog post I had a few upcoming assignments coming my way. If you follow the facebook page you may have seen a post about hiking through the woods for some band photos.

Working with Earthbound Spirit from Douglasville GA was an interesting shoot. Also it was my first time working in not so friendly natural light (but thats a different story all together).

Meg and Mike wanted a new set of images for their website which is launching soon. As well as a few images for Facebook and other promotional images. Naturally I was excited at the chance to work with these up and comers, and I can really tell they are going to break out very soon. 


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.59.29 AM.png

Be sure to follow these great folks on Facebook and enjoy their unique goth-blues style on Reverb Nation. And more importantly watch out because these two are taking the world by storm. 


Be sure to check out the Extra Blog for some more images from this shoot.


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