Week 16 – An Afternoon At The High Museum – Ilford Delta 100

I like free things. I'm not sure if I know anyone who doesn't. Especially when they are free things that have some sort of artistic merit. When I happened across a tweet from The High Museum of Art here in Atlanta that admission would be free for a day. I made some time to take an afternoon. 

If you remember from around week 12 I did some shooting at the George Eastman House and captured a photograph of a few patrons viewing part of an exhibit. I wanted to work on that a little bit more on this roll. As well as playing around with images of a more abstract form. 

Development Notes:
1:100 Dilution Rodinal @ 72º
1 Hour. 30 Seconds of light agitation at start, 10 seconds at 30 minutes
Standard Fix

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