Week 15c – Morgan (Again) – Kodak Gold 200 (Expired)

Roll Count? 28! 28 rolls have been shot as of this update! Over half way through the goal of 52 rolls! 

This roll was a planned backup in case the 2 boxes of impossible film just didn't turn out. As you can probably guess since you have seen both of them over the last 2 weeks they worked (mostly).

I personally had to re-shoot Morgan using another expired roll of Gold 200 just to redeem myself after messing up the first one during our first shoot. Although it was expired, I think these turned out much better. There is still a little color cast, but not as bad as it was the first time around.

Also I think I may be coming to the end of the life of my C-41 chemicals. On the later images (on the stairs) it becomes clear that something isn't quite right. I think I may have one or two rolls left before I need to re-up.

Development Notes:
Unicolor C-41 Kit
Standard Development
(I think my chemicals are about ready to be replaced)
Color Corrections in Photoshop

**Unplanned edit! I am actually releasing this blog post a day earlier than I had originally planned. Sorry to anyone who was expecting an update on Friday and got this today instead. Because of how I have IFTTT and such set up I still have to make a few edits every time a blog post goes live. Since I won't be anywhere near a computer tomorrow until later in the day I figured I'd drop it now.** 

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