Week 11e – Mr and Mrs Jones (Part 2) – Kodak 400 TX (+2 Stops)

I couldn't visit the land of Kodak without shooting a roll. I actually picked it up in the gift shop of the Eastman house (from a few updates ago). I haven't actively shot TX or Tmax since college, and I remember it not being a very pleasant experience then. 

Short of some development issues (which were totally my fault, see the dev notes below) I thought things came out pretty well. I loved being a fly on the wall for the after-after party. 

Development Notes:
Rodinal 1:100 Dilution
120 Minute Semi Stand Dev
4 inversion every 30 minutes
Very Thin Negatives. I'm pretty sure its because I used the leftover batch of developer from doing the previous 2 rolls. Probably didn't have enough developer. However everything seemed to be scanned correctly.

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