Week 7 – "Stand" and Deliver – Ilford HP5+ (+2 Stops 1600iso)

Oh yeah, I am going to pull out as many puns over the next year as I possibly can.

Based on the title of this post I wanted to experiment with stand developing this week. For those who may not know what that is basically its a development process that uses very diluted developer for much longer than one would typically use. Its very "set it and forget it" developing. Its supposed to develop very deep shadows, while not blowing out highlights. Or so they say anyway. 

Along with the last few weeks I am trying to get back into shooting portraits. You may remember Justin below from a few weeks ago for example. 

I have to say, I have always been an ilford delta 100 kinda guy. But after playing around with HP5 just this once I think I may have a new favorite film on my hands. Over the course of this year I will need to play around more with pulling it back to 100, as well as shooting it at box speed. But from what I can see I already like it at 1600iso.


Development Notes:
Rodinol 1:100 Dilution
Semi-Stand Development 120 minutes (4 agitations every 30 minutes)
Pushed +3 Stops to 1600 iso
VERY Happy with results. Minor adjustments needed in post.

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