UNEX Update 11/12/2012

Hello UNEX friends and followers,

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know mine personally was busy. But it was worth it.  

Firstly let me talk about what you came here to see. The photos. I had a lovely afternoon with the ever fabulous Scarlett Quinn yesterday. We ended up getting not one, but two sets shot for you. The first one is finished and is awaiting approval by Miss Quinn herself. Once that is approved I will be uploading it to Zivity. As well as post a few selects to the NSFW blog.  

In the upcoming weeks, I will be working on the second set. Launch date is still TBD, but I will keep you all in the loop as to when it is set to launch. 

This upcoming weekend I am taking most of the weekend off to spend a little time away from photos. However if you are in the Atlanta area this friday, please come out to The Shelter and vote for me in the Kink Patrol Photo Competition

Now, on to the real fun part. In the next week or so I will be migrating to my own website (no more basing things on Facebook/Tumblr/Etc). You may have noticed this weekend some strange links appearing on the Facebook page. That was me trying to get a few kinks worked out on how content will be shared across networks. 

I still have a few last minute tweaks to make before I am comfortable making the site go live. Namely getting a visually attractive splash page created, filling in some text blocks, and arranging my portfolio gallery to show newest images first. But once that is all completed, I will have everything up and running, and more importantly you will have an all in one spot to keep up on all things UNEX.

Hope everyone else had a productive weekend as well.


Edit: I am also still looking for some client testimonials to throw up on the site. If we have worked together I would love your input. 

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