What have I gotten myself into?

Hello UNEX Friends and Followers,

TL:DR? Follow our blogs Here, Here, and Here. -B (11/1/2012)

I guess now is as good of a time as any to discuss a few changes that I have decided to make (and put into action). In order to expand my media reach, and try to gain as much exposure as possible I have decided to start a (few) blog(s). I have found that my current media reach using Facebook (Edit 10/21/2012 - be sure to still follow us on Facebook too, please? -B) and Instagram just aren’t enough. So I am going to try my best to manage this and get some new exposure to my work.

I have decided to split my efforts into a few different avenues:

Firstly: This page UNEXPhotography.tumblr.com.

The “main” UNEX blog will be my outpost for the general goings on of UNDEREXPOSED. This will be where my Instagram pictures make their way to (and then auto-post to Facebook, saving me a few steps instead of having to post them to my personal page and then link to the UNEX Facebook page.) What you are currently used to seeing on the Facebook page will appear here. Including but not limited to: My general day to day appointments, teasers, instagram pictures, and photo selects from shoots. I am going to try to post new content here so that I am not bombarding you with the same stuff on Facebook (even though it all ends up there anyway) . 

Secondly: UNEXPhotography-NSWF.tumblr.com

This will be the point where NSWF (Not Safe For Work for those not “in the know” of these internet things) images will be posted. This site is not for children or the weak of heart or the strong of morals. I have found that working with the clients, and the type of work that I choose to do often results in partial or full nudity. Needless to say Facebook doesn’t tend to like these things…so I will be posting them here. I will still probably post the links to these works on the main Facebook page, but I will make it my priority to tag these as not work safe. This will also be the hub for the most of my goings on with Zivity and other sites of that nature. Until I get more work under my belt (no pun intended) that I like this page will be featuring Scarlett Quinn more than anyone else (mostly because she is the only model working with me currently that likes being naked more than clothed).

Finally: UNEXPhotography-Extra.tumblr.com

Extra will be more of a “traditional” Tumblr type page. With a little extra. This will be where I will focus on what inspires me (images, videos, music, art, etc). I will be probably using this to reblog things much more than the other two pages. This will also be a point where I post embarrassing outtakes from shoots (because nobody is perfect), behind the scenes videos, and maybe some video blogs from me on the general process of how I work.

My hope is to one day integrate all of these pages into a single hub, but right now web hosting is a little bit out of my range (and scope for the moment). Once things start picking up and I have a little venture capital in my pocket I will look into expanding once again. But until then this will have to do.

What I ask of you is simple. Be patient with me. During this interrum period you may be overwhelmed with a lot of updates, and I am sorry in advance. I am a one man operation right now…and until I can get another one of me, I can’t be everywhere at once.  Also if you like what you see, PLEASE, “like” it…reblog it…send others my way. The ultimate goal of this operation is exposure. And on the same note, if you hate something…let me know. I don’t want to irritate you all. 

As a final note I have opened up the “ask me anything” portion of all of my Tumblrs. Feel free to shoot me a message, ask me questions, give me feedback, tell me I suck…WHATEVER you feel like doing. I will try to respond as soon as I can. 

Thanks again for your constant love, and support.

Blake Griffin

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