Estella – Tuxedo Mask – 2016.

Estella is another great individual I have been introduced to over the last year. Firstly while shooting makeup tests from earlier this summer, and then again during the Much Ado About Nerddom performance with Hysteria Machines a few weeks ago. 

She is an accomplished performer, cosplayer, and photographer, and I was more than stoked when she answered my call to arms looking for someone to shoot. Expect to see us working together much more in the future to document various costuming themed sessions. 

Model: Estella Zorn
Costuming: Pinky Shear
Mask: Estella Zorn

At the time of posting this entry, I also am in the process of working on some non-cosplay themed photos taken during the same session. I'll be posting those as a separate entry in the coming days. 

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