Sig Sawyer – 2016.

I met Sig Sawyer at Dragoncon last year. He was part of the group I shared a room with along with his lady friend (Nikki Nuke'm, who is no stranger to this blog). Sig is a devoted cosplayer and a rather unique part of the Atlanta Burlesque community. We weren't exactly planning this shoot, it was more of a "hey I'm off work early. Want to shoot something?" but I am so excited with how this turned out. 

This also is a debut for a few things. Thing-the-first is his beautiful Red Hood costume for this year's DragonCon. Secondly, he let me know while we were working that this also was his first professional costume shoot EVER. So be on the lookout if you are out and about this summer con season, and also be on the lookout for more work coming from us in the future.

And I have to say, for a guy who for so many years talked trash on photoshop I have to say it's growing on me. I'm still learning what power this program holds, but lets just say if I didn't use photoshop you would have an entire update of photos that look like this:

Which I mean, isn't bad. But I still like the final images much better after some compositing. 

We also warmed up by shooting his Mortal Kombat Scorpion costume (which also appeared on this blog last year during the DragonCon on film update).

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