Arizona Workshop – Day 1

Hello everyone, so this next week I hope to post an update each day for an event that I was given the opportunity to attend. I'm hoping over the next 5 days to get some great shots. Thanks in advance for coming along for the ride! 

So some of you may already know that when I am not playing photographer on the internet that I am also both a camera salesman, and a diehard Sony lover. I was offered a chance to leave Atlanta for a week and take a workshop with some pretty huge names in the Sony community. I'm going to be a little tight-lipped about the specifics but let's just say this is a pretty big deal.

If you have been following my goals for 2016 you may remember that one of them is "learn more" and when I was told I was selected to travel to Arizona and have the chance to re-learn some old techniques, as well as discover new ones, I was floored! 

This morning started off around 4:00 am when I arrived early (very early) to the airport. I needed to drop off a rental car (long story) and wanted to make sure I got through security ok. 

Having some time to kill, I chose just to relax and try my best not to fall asleep. 

I did, however, end up catching a pretty killer sunrise at the airport. 

Two flights later I landed in Arizona and made my way to the resort where the workshop will be held. After checking in I met up with an old friend of mine, Justin Briggs, of JBriggs Photography. Side note, be sure to check out his work. Great guy, and an amazing photographer. Justin drove 2 hours from Phoenix to meet me at the resort, buy a camera from me, and ultimately play driver and just kill a few hours until the welcome meeting. He also let me snap a few shots with his medium format setup, which I am entirely too jealous of (I'm sure he can say the same thing about what I am doing for the next few days). 

At the meeting, I was introduced to some of the other attendees, as well as a few of my "coaches" for the next few days. Said coaches have a combined 90+ years of experience in Photography, and I fully intend on picking their brains as much as possible. I didn't do much shooting as I was pretty tired after a long day of travel, but I'll share some of the images I happened to snap while walking around. Today was long, and the next few days will be even longer. But I am confident that I will be able to learn a few new tricks, hopefully anyway. 

But for now, I have a case of the sleepies. It's time to call it a night. See you all tomorrow. 


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