Week 27 – DragonCon 2015 and Team Tank – Cinestill 50D

Ok, so after much deliberation I figured out how to best display all of the photos I took at DragonCon. Instead of subjecting you to 9 weeks of updates for the 9 rolls that went through my camera over Labor Day weekend...I'll condense it into 4 weeks. And since Dragoncon is very much a cosplayer driven convention I'll devote most of October to the photos I took (even though relatively few of them are of people in costume).

2 weeks of updates will be single rolls of film, for the two new ones I tried. Then I will have a "mega update" containing all the color photos, and all the black and white photos. 

This entry will cover the second half of the parade from Saturday, and the mini-shoot I did with Team Tank, a wonderful TankGirl cosplay group from here in Atlanta.

And now a few from the TeamTank shoot:

Development Notes:
Standard Processing using Fresh Unicolor C41 Kit

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