DJ System Fail – 2015

After seeing what Stan and I were able to do last week. Another friend of mine from the old Shelter days (RIP) Cody aka DJ System Fail said he wanted to get some photos done as well.

This shoot was special for a few reasons (and I have a feeling I know what you are going to say "Oh hey, look, another black background shoot" well yes. But more important than that this was my first time working with a full frame mirrorless camera).

My first shoot shot on a truly "professional" piece of equipment. Granted I am borrowing it from my day job, but that's a whole other story. (Also long story short, I'm pretty happy with the results...except that somehow in the middle of shooting it switched from RAW to JPEG and I lost some ability to edit in post.)

The most exciting thing from this shoot is after capturing digital photos. We decided it was time to shoot the final "official" roll of my 52 rolls project. After I develop this roll I will probably need to re-name the blog something to the effect of "The GREATER THAN 52 Rolls Project". Those photos will be developed today, and will probably be hitting the blog the first week in November. So be on the lookout then. 

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