Week 22c – The Imperial Opa (and Little 5 Points) – CineStill 800 ISO Tungsten Xpro C-41

The jury still is out on this set. I'm not exactly happy with it, but at least things look better than the last roll.  Cinestill film is a great concept, and looking back I really should have bought more than just a single roll when I had the disposable income. 

Almost all of the demo images I have seen from it had a very great and unique look. I'm not sure if I just missed exposure on everything, or if my post production process just is that bad, but mine turned out very dark and muddy. And honestly I like more of the shots that I don't normally take like exteriors and the oddly shaped multiple exposure more than the shots of people.

I'd be curious to see what I could do with a LOT more light, really blowing it out, instead of being so dark. From my testing here it seems like even though this is an 800 speed film it really needs a LOT of light to expose "properly". But we'll cross that bridge when I can.

Development Notes:
C-41 Process with Unicolor Kit.
Color correction in Photoshop after scan.

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