Week 23 – Gameboy Camera (Pre-DragonCon Photo Special!)

Yes, I can already hear what you are saying. "But Blake, the Gameboy camera is a digital camera and this is an all film project". Well you know what? Its my party and I'll cry if I want to. That made absolutely no sense, so I digress– 

If you are anywhere near the Atlanta area you know that today is the first official day of DragonCon 2015. As you read this I am either just getting up, or am already in the process of taking a lot of photos of the "Comicon of the South". That means loads of neat cosplay photos, and generally nerd-ity will be coming just around the corner. 

Based on my release schedule be ready to see those photos in a few weeks, but until then I will tide you over with photos taken with the "8-bit pinhole camera". I had intended on printing these photos out (so I could at least attempt to justify using a digital camera) but if any of you ever had the Gameboy Printer accessory that came as an option, you may remember that it was a pain in the ass (at best) to use. Also the one I had just didn't like at all to connect, and when it did I think the batteries or the paper had gone bad. So I just scanned the screen of the gameboy. 

Please enjoy, and don't hate me too much. Regularly scheduled film updates will return next week, and hopefully I get a few good shots at Con.

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